Sunday 11 December 2016


On Saturday December 3rd the ninth edition of the annual international theatre and dance festival NEXT in the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai and Valenciennes came to an end. During 17 days, 15 Flemish, Walloon and French cultural centres presented an extraordinary selection of 36 trend-setting theatre makers and choreographers from every corner of the world.

Looking back at NEXT 2016 :

-36 international productions of top-class artists ánd young companies from 22 countries, a.o. Dries Verhoeven (NL), Kornél Mundruczó (HU), Alain Platel (BE), MOTUS (IT), Katerina Andreou (GR), Superamas (AT/CH/BE), Rabih Mroué (LB), Jan Martens (BE), Pablo Larraín (CL), Arkadi Zaides (IL), Edit Kaldor (US/HU), Rachid Ouramdane (FR), Jefta van Dinther (NL/SE), Ali Moini (IR), Berlin (BE)...

-11.892 participants in the theatres, which means a filling up of 80 % of the available seats.

-66 performances in 15 arts centres spread over 10 French, Flemish and Walloon cities of the Eurometropolis :

         ° 6 co-organising partners : La rose des vents Villeneuve d'Ascq, Espace    Pasolini Valenciennes, le phénix Valenciennes, la maison de la culture de Tournai, Schouwburg Kortrijk and arts centre BUDA Kortrijk.

          °10 associated centres : le Théâtre du Nord Lille, Le Vivat Armentières,       Le Grand Bleu Lille, Le Gymnase Roubaix, La Condition Publique Roubaix, Institut du Monde Arabe Tourcoing, CC Het Perron Ieper, CC       De Steiger Menen, Lille3000 and the Opéra de Lille as a host to the       opening of the festival.

 -36 festival buses carried 1.121 spectators to performances in other cities and regions.

 -During the festival Ministers of Culture Sven Gatz and Alda Greoli announced that they recognize the NEXT festival as 'projet phare' or 'spearhead project' for the Cultural Cooperation between the French and Flemish communities.

This happened on Saturday November 26th 2016 in Kortrijk in the presence of the ministers of culture of the French and  the Flemish Communities Sven Gatz and Alda Greoli and François Decoster, vice-president of the Région Hauts de France, responsible for culture, on the French side.

Not only does NEXT fulfil this cooperation with a quality programme, it also functions as a platform for the participation of citizens and organisations. During NEXT 2016, 3 concrete projects were launched based on a manifesto of 2015, in which 100 active citizens break a lance for active citizenship, with concrete needs, challenges ánd actions under the motto 'hack the Eurometropolis'.

         °In ON A JOUÉ DANS NEXT, makers, creative entrepreneurs, active citizens presented their innovative projects an hour and a half before the performances to an interested festival audience. 'On a joué dans NEXT' mobilizes creative talent from the region and takes them on a tour in a parallel festival programme through the cross-border region.

         °CITIZEN MAP is a participatory online platform in which inhabitants themselves show how they develop and design their projects in the Eurometropolis. A clever mapping leads you along the most exciting projects and brings other visitors to your own project. Citizen Map is developed by the Lille Citizen Clan.

        °EUROMETROPOLIS CAFÉ, a travelling café for one night full of entrepreneurs, creative citizens, students, artists, scientists...beyond national and language boundaries. Eurometropolis Café is a central bar with portfolios, couch conversations, concise presentations, small performances, picon au vin blanc... The first edition took place on Wednesday November 30th. All information (programme, registration, pictures...) :

-teeNEXTers : 50 teenagers from Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Norway, Belgium and France gathered for an intense five-day programme of performances and workshops in NEXT. The project TeeNEXTers, initiated by the Lille partner Le Grand Bleu urges young people from very diverse backgrounds to critically think about their ideas together. Through both artistic experience and cooperation they form their own opinion and learn how to argue it.

-For the organisation, participation and communication, NEXT works together with a growing and cross-border network within the cultural and non-cultural field, such as CC Guldenberg Wevelgem, CC De Schakel Waregem, CC Mouscron, lille3000, Chambre de Commerce Franco Belge, BNP  Paribas, Makers Faire, Nightshift, Intercommunales Leiedal, Ideta, IEG, MEL, civil society organisations, innovation centres and civil initiatives such as Transforum, Forum of the Eurometropolis, Conseil de développement, Wap's Hubs, Eurometropolis News, Citizen Clan, Samsys,...

-NEXT thanks its partners and subsidizers : Métropole Européen de Lille (MEL) ; the Flemish Community ; the National Lottery (Belgium) ; Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles ; the Province of West-Flanders ; Valenciennes Métropole ; ; Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai.

SAVE THE DATE : the 10th edition of NEXT will take place from Thursday November 9th until Saturday November 25th 2017.    




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