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Annabelle Chambon & Cédric Charron


Steaming performance without bounds.

“It's a shock, an explosion ! (Junkpage)

“In the middle of the orgy, a man whispers in the ear of a woman : what are you doing after this ?” This roguish witticism of the philosopher Jean Baudrillard was the inspiration for Tomorrowland : a steaming performance without bounds originating from the bodies of Jean-Emmanuel Belot, Cédric Charron and Annabelle Chambon.

Charron and Chambon go way back : the French artist couple have danced with Jan Fabre for almost 20 years and rocked the cradle of the Jan Fabre Teaching Group. Among others they could be seen in Je suis sang, Histoire des larmes and -more recently- Mount Olympus. Both were also given a solo by Fabre – a privilege that is awarded to only few 'warriors of beauty'. Charron danced Attends Attends Attends (pour mon père) and Chambon danced Preparatio Mortis (to be seen at NEXT Artsfestival 2010).

For Tomorrowland  they call in Belot, the dancer/choreographer behind Eightball, praised for innovative performances such as Tous les christs ici resemblent à Bjorn Borg, Le ballet des grues and Ailleurs commence ici.

The result is a performance like a punk rock album, of a vital energy and fair and square. Tomorrowland draws from retro futurism, low-cost and militantism : no promise for tomorrow but a celebration of the here and now. A physical trip to synthesizer music.

CREATION AND PERFORMANCE Annabelle Chambon, Cédric Charron, Jean-Emmanuel Belot PARTNERSHIP IDDAC SUPPORT FOR RESIDENCY Les Marches de l’Été RESIDENCY Le Cuvier CDC d’Aquitaine.

Duration: 35 min

Location: Villeneuve d'Ascq - La rose des vents