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Theater / 18+

Encyclopédie de phénomènes paranormaux Pippo y Ricardo

Rodrigo Garciá


An inimitable fairy tale full of wonder

Playwright Rodrigo García keeps far away from conventions and compromises. With Pippo y Ricardo he offers a funny and absurd rereading of an encyclopedia full of paranormal phenomena. Driven by visions of saints hermits and alcoholics, Pippo and Ricardo go in search of extraordinary experiences and phenomena. But how do you explain them ? The roguish duo ventures a try with a book and a heap of bizarre assumptions under the arm. With the help of Ricardo, Pippo changes into an insect with gigantic eyes. Encouraged by their encyclopedia and a few mysterious poems the gents challenge the laws of the universe. Think of teleportation and time travel : in a resourceful way our two friends plough their way through this wonderful world. Hilarious and provocative !

The work of Rodrigo García is heavily inspired by the daily streetlife in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where he grew up. Since 1986 the Argentinian has been living in Madrid where he works as an author, a visual artist, scenographer and director. In 1989 García founded  La Carnicería Teatro, a cross-grained company with whom he created a lot of experimental theatre plays. With this 'abattoir' he combined elements from the past and the popular culture of today to denounce the flaws of the consumer society. The often raw productions mix dance, music and performance with García's provocative texts and inventive scenography. Meanwhile the Argentinian has become thé prominent voice within the Spanish avant-garde theatre.

García dreams of a theatre where whoever can open a door without hesitation. His plays, which are not bound to the text, are directed against conventions, to begin with the place of the spectator. Thus García actively opposes a theatre that is only made for specialists and functions via codes and dogmas. In 2009 he received the European Prize for  'New Theatrical Realities' for his oeuvre, which has rewarded innovative European theatre makers since 1990.

Rodrigo García
Encyclopédie de phénomènes paranormaux Pippo y Ricardo 

TEXTS Rodrigo García and extracts selected from Livre des Damnés by Charles Fort / SCENOGRAPHY, DIRECTION Rodrigo García / WITH Gonzalo Cunill, Juan Loriente / DIRECTION ASSISTANT Sarah Reis / LIGHT SCENOGRAPHY Sylvie Mélis / MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN, LIVE Caballito Netlabel y Chico Trópico ADDITIONAL MUSIC Ionisation – Edgard Varèse – par l’Ensemble InterContemporain & Pierre Boulez / VIDEOS Dropped Frames – David Rodriguez Muñiz / Jesús Santos / Pedro Acevedo / AUDIOVISUAL CREATION Ramón Diago FRENCH TRANSLATION / Christilla Vasserot CASTING (videos) Lidia Rodriguez / Aída Valadares / Ike Wahl ADDITIONAL VIDEOS Ramón Diago / COSTUMES, MAKE UP Deva Gayol CONSTRUCTION OF THE THING Arturo García / CONSTRUCTION OF THE MASKS Alfonso Gayol / CONSTRUCTION OF THE ROBOT Alberto Valverde y Maria Castellanos / ACCESSORIES Daniel Romero / SOUND MANAGER Vincent Le Meur / STAGE MANAGER Louis Guerry / TECHNICAL DIRECTION Roberto Cafaggini / GRAPHIC DESIGN Arturo Iturbe / PRODUCTION DIRECTION Sarah Reis / PRODUCTION Rodrigo García y Boucherie Théâtre / Actoral, bureau d’accompagnement d’artistes/ COPRODUCTION Teatros del Canal (Madrid), Bonlieu Scène Nationale (Annecy), Festival NEXT (Valenciennes) , Festival Grec (Barcelona), Théâtre Vidy (Lausanne), Boucherie Théâtre (Ligüeria / Marseille )


Boucherie Théâtre, with the support of du Ministère de la Culture – DRAC.

Rodrigo García, associate artist Actoral – Bureau d’accompagnement d’artistes

Duration: 90 min

Location: Valenciennes - Le Phénix