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Intergalactic (An Attempt To Overcome The Binary)

Andrea Božic / Tilt

Croatia / Netherlands

“We are fed up with living in pigeon holes. It’s time to start afresh, first and foremost in the theatre. We break it open into a space with holes and cracks. From a lifeless place with objects, we transform it into a living organism that breathes, moves, scrambles to its feet and talks. If it talks, it is in a language of sounds, images and darkness. We build an intergalactic world and lead you through space. And yet you can just stay and sit in your chair.” Intergalactic (An attempt to overcome the binary) by Andrea Bozic, Robert Pravda and Julia Willms is an interdisciplinary performance that disorders perception. Movement, sound, word and video projections lead you into a double world. It is inspired by the story Tlön Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by the Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges – “a gigantic conspiracy to represent a world (and create with it.)”

Intergalactic is the first production of the Tilt Foundation, an interdisciplinary platform founded by the Croatian choreographer Andrea Bozic, sound artist Robert Pravda and visual artist Julia Willms to promote interdisciplinary work and thought. Since 2003, Bozic, Pravda and Willms have been working together on (inter)national projects. Their operating base is Amsterdam.

CONCEPTION, TEXT AND PERFORMANCE Andrea Božic´ and Julia Willms / DIRECTION Andrea Božic´ / MUSIC AND SOUND Robert Pravda / With collaboration of Sonja Jokiniemi / LIGHT Katinka Marac / ADVICES SPACE Marion Traenkle / TECHNIC Jeroen de Boer / ADVICES Jeroen Fabius / COSTUMS Nathalie Pravda / Within the framework of Web 6.4. / PRODUCTION Tilt / COPRODUCTION réseau WEB (Frascati, wp Zimmer, Vooruit, Le Vivat, Scène conventionnée danse et théâtre d’Armentières), International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK) / WITH THE SUPPORT OF DasArts. This performance is made possible thanks to the financial support of Dutch Performing Arts Fund, of Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and of SNSReaal Fund

Location: Armentières - Le Vivat