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Concert / Performance

I'm a Chip / Make This Music Disappear

Geo Wyeth

United States / Netherlands

**Free entrance, no reservation

Geo Wyeth, a New York born musician and performer presents an abstract one-man-musical with two characters : “The Reversed Pilgrim” and “The Chip”. Based on American popular theatre tradition, early American comics and clubby singing, the relations of both figures are concentrated on comfort, economics, longing, illness.

The “Reversed Pilgrim” hangs up his fetish to dry, stumbles backwards and anyway never reaches his 'home' and eats his hat. On his way he meets a “Maize Chip”. “The music is too sad and too fascinating”, says the Chip. He gets wet, falls apart. “Once a chip, always a chip”, however wet and crumbled he mixes himself with other non-food items on the floor. He holds on to his title but sacrifices himself as cheap comfort and spreads over the ground. The Reversed Pilgrim makes a gesture of recovery...

Location: Kortrijk - Budascoop