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Jefta Van Dinther / Minna Tiikkainen & David Kiers

Sweden / Netherlands

Imagine a place that challenges your senses.
Imagine rhythms that influence your eye.
Imagine a space with elastic dimensions.
Imagine light that shows you darkness.

Grind is a project of dancer and choreographer Jefta van Dinther, light designer Minna Tikkainen and sound designer David Kiers. Their source of inspiration is synaesthesia. The makers of this performance want to challenge our grip on reality by suspending senses and short-circuiting perception. With pulsing, cutting, flickering light and merciless dark technobeats, Grind merges simple elements into a real machine of feeling. Bodies, light and sound turn and turn, melt together until they seem to have lost their last grain of recognizability.

 “Grind is a big play on perception in which van Dinther presents his body as an almost amorphous material. With shadow and stroboscope he makes possible the impossible.” (Sara van der Kooi, Theaterkrant)

 The Swedish-Dutch dancer and choreographer Jefta van Dinther makes his own performances but has also worked together with colleagues such as Frederic Gies, DD Dorvillier and Mette Ingvartsen.

Concept Jefta van Dinther and Minna Tiikkainen / Choreography and Dance Jefta van Dinther / Lighting design Minna Tiikkainen / Sound design David Kiers / With music by David Kiers and Emptyset

Duration: 60 min

Location: Kortrijk - Budascoop