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Ghost Road - SOLD OUT

Fabrice Murgia & Dominique Pauwels / LOD & Cie ARTARA


Which kind of world will the present generation leave to the next ?

In Ghost Road Fabrice Murgia takes you along to the notorious Route 66, fallen into disuse. Past ghost towns, abandoned houses and rusty petrol stations.

Murgia stops at an older woman’s place (Viviane De Muynck). She is filming herself and her loneliness. She was left all by herself  - inanimate in an empty dead city. Has she actually been left behind or did she consciously choose for a hermit’s life ? Ghost Road is the testament of a damaged era, the remnant image of a society and an individual in decay.

 The monologue gets a counterpart in the music by Dominique Pauwels – now in harmony, then again in contradiction. Video images allow reality to seep into the performance.

 With his visual and committed performances 29-year-old Murgia has sometimes been called the Guy Cassiers of French-speaking Belgium. Ghost Road is his fourth production and the first part of a trilogy he makes with LOD. Each part maps a place that has been abandoned by economic decline, political chaos or ecological disaster.


Texte and direction Fabrice Murgia / Music and audio Dominique Pauwels / Artistic coordination Jos Verbist / with Viviane De Muynck / Singer Jacqueline Van Quaille / Filmdirector Benoit Dervaux / Video Giacinto Caponio and Benoit Dervaux / Light design Giacinto Caponio / Research Virginie Demilier / Production LOD|muziektheater & Cie Artara / Coproduction  Théâtre National -  Bruxelles, le manège.mons, Theater Antigone, Le Maillon Strasbourg, Hippodrome Douai, Rotterdamse Schouwburg / Thanks to Travis Preston,  Dorothy O’Donnell,  Herb Robbins, Walt, Alma Har’el,  Goat Breker,  Scrappy,  Christian Lasserre, Dave Alexander (, Frédérique de Montblanc, Odile Filiatre, Pierre Marianne O’Donnell, Tim Powers, Larry Kraus, Al Larrin, Ray - Nancy Treasure - Marta Beckett - Dorran Forgy (alias Red) - Richard Regnell

Duration: 90 min

Location: Kortrijk - Theater Antigone