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Performance / Solo


Sorour Darabi

Iran / France

A well thought-out escape plan from the little boxes of language 

What happens when a genderless world changes into a world in which everybody suddenly has a sex ? Dancer Sorour Darabi has a personal answer. His.her mother tongue Farsi makes no distinction on the basis of sex.  'Jenssiat', the word to indicate gender, means 'material' in it. In France, on the other hand, Darabi had to adapt to a world in which everything is either male or female.

Sorour Darabi about Farci.e : 'What is the word 'gender' made of ? What sex has 'gender' ? If you can't name something in French, you call it 'une chose', a thing. So a body to which you can't attribute a sex must be a thing. But 'une chose' itself is feminine in French : are all things feminine then ?  While the word 'feminin' is masculine ?

Why does our language do such an injustice to the complex creatures we are ? At any rate, Farci.e shows how it can feel like a stifling corset of set norms and rules. In this endearing solo Darabi protests against this violent form of authority. The French 'se farcir' means : take man as he is. This performance goes over the line to celebrate its flexibility.  

Sorour Darabi is an Iranian autodidact who now lives and works in Paris. In Iran Darabi was an active member of the underground organisation ICCD who exhibited his.her work in Teheran before he.she left for France. During his studies at the CNN in Montpellier Darabi created the solo performance Subject to Change, a performance that questions transformation in time and our relationship with the environment. In 2016 he.she created the solo performance Farci.e at the Festival Montpellier Dance, which was awarded the Prize of the Jury at the Züricher Theater Spektakel Festival. His.her most recent project Savusun, an ode to sensitivity and vulnerability, was inspired by the mourning ceremonies of the Muharram and focuses on emotional questions about mourning, fear and sorrow.

'A plea for a new word, a new language, a new system of thinking' – Wendy Lubberding,

Free buss:
* 10/11: Departure at 14h30 from Kortrijk (Parcours: expo Panorama + GUERRILLA + Farci.e)

Sorour Darabi

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE Sorour Darabi / LIGHTS Yannick Fouassier / LIGHTING OPERATOR Yannick Fouassier or Jean-Marc Ségalen (alternatively) / OUTSIDE EYE Mathieu Bouvier / ADMINISTRATION Charlotte Giteau / TOURING Sandrine Barrasso / PRODUCTION Météores / COPRODUCTION Festival Montpellier Danse, ICI-CCN Montpellier - Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée – Direction Christian Rizzo / WITH THE SUPPORT OF CN D Pantin in the frame of a studio residency, Honolulu-Nantes, Théâtre de Vanves / SPECIAL THANKS TO Loïc Touze, Raïssa Kim, Florence Diry, Pauline Brun, Jule Flierl, Clair.E Olivelli, Zar Amir Ebrahimi

Duration: 40 min

Location: Valenciennes - Espace Pasolini