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is a bubbling nomadic pop-up exhibition of interactive installations, video mapping, audio games, amazing pitches and more of that. The installations guide you along special ecological, technological, social, medical, ritual, tourist...projects from our Eurozone.
They are civil initiatives, growing from the needs here and now, from co-creation and participation. Visit the pop-up exhibition during NEXT at the following locations and moments :

Discover 20 Projects:

Sensi-végétal X Gosie Vervloessem
Jardin de Naissance X Quentin Carnaille
Wildebras X Tom Lombardo
La Pépinière X Fred Degand
GEWOON X Roel Heremans
Graffitifuturenature X Thomas Delbeke
COSH! X Laurent Silan
Ecolaborative X Caroline Léger
Tinder Touristique X Emi Kodama
REVEIL X Rien Coorevits
Scenography: Sébastien Vial

>Le Phénix & Espace Pier Pasolini Valenciennes
Thursday : 6.00 pm >10.00 pm
Saturday : 4.00 pm > 9.00 pm
Sunday :   1.00 pm > 5.00 pm

>La rose des vents d'Ascq
Sunday : 5.00 pm >8.00 pm
Monday : 6.00 pm >9.00 pm

>Schouwburg Kortrijk
Friday : 6.00 pm >9.00 pm
Saturday :7.00 pm >10.00 pm

>Maison de la culture de Tournai
Tuesday : 6.00 pm >8.00 pm
Wednesday :6.00 pm >8.00 pm

>Budascoop Kortrijk
Friday : noon > 10.00 pm
Saturday : noon > 5.00 pm
free entrance, no reservation.

Location: Kortrijk - Budascoop