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 Together with Nature Theatre of Oklahoma (USA), Tim Crouch (UK) and nbprojects of Nicole Beutler (DE/NL) the Dutch theatre company Kassys makes a relay performance.

 Each company creates a piece of 15 minutes based on the final image of its predecessor. That is the only thing they get to see of the other pieces. In their quarter the companies can do whatever they want. The story can go anywhere. And like in a real relay the result is defined by the sum of all participants.

 Liesbeth Gritter (Kassys) : “We want fresh air in our artistic creating process, we want to follow a different route in the rehearsal process than the one we’re used to, we’re looking for a form of collaboration without artistic concessions, in which we can confront our ‘theatrical values and norms’ with those of other makers, we want to figure out how we tell what we want to tell if we have only 15 minutes to do so. We want to tap our imaginative power in a different way.”

 Kassys makes theatre performances that show the beauty of human success and failure. Starting from curiosity, concern and irritation, the company lets you observe the mechanisms of human behaviour.

Concept Kassys / Performers Bas van Rijnsoever, Hannah Ringham, Jarid Rychtarik & Esther Snelder / Regie Liesbeth Gritter (Kassys), Pavol Liška & Kelly Copper (Nature Theater of Oklahoma), Tim Crouch en Nicole Beutler (nbprojects) / Coordination & artistic assistant Mette van der Sijs / Light design & technic Adriaan Beukema / Managing director Merrill Abrahams / Stage Vincent Brons / Advices Sanne van Rijn / Publicity Lonneke van Eden; Bureau TamTam / Production assistant Annelies Wuyts / Co-production Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Gent), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk), Culturgest (Lissabon), Mousonturm (Frankfurt) & Züricher Theaterspektakel Festival (Zürich) / with support ofFonds Podiumkunsten & VSBfonds

Duration: 75 min

Location: Valenciennes - Le Phénix