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Performative Installation / French Premiere


Gwendoline Robin


The shape of water : performance meets science

The sculptural performances of Gwendoline Robin connect the body with the nature elements fire, earth, water and air. This time Robin approaches water in all its states -fluid, as gas or solid as ice- to understand how it connects us with the stars and the oceans. In A.G.U.A. she activates several installations arranged around a large water surface together with dancer Louise Vanneste.Through brief human actions and natural reactions the sterile landscape gets disturbed. Sound, movement and material bring into being a series of tableaux – vibrating, boiling or explosive. Robin associates art with astrology and geology. In this way she looks for a renewed relationship between man and environment, although the threat of polluting beauty and irreparable change is never far away...

Gwendoline Robin in BRUZZ : 'In the visual arts you seldom see how the artist works. I thought it would be interesting to show also that aspect. This is why I decided to add a performance to my work. In this way the public becomes an active witness.'

Visual and performance artist Gwendoline Robin is based in Brussels but has developed an international reputation with her work, which invariably probes the relationship between man and nature. In BRUZZ she says : 'I have always liked working with materials you cannot completely control. Volcanoes, geysers, the desert : they are all inspirations. The modest position of man compared to these strong elements is the guiding principle throughout my performances.'

Since her training in the visual arts Gwendoline Robin has been building an oeuvre for more than 20 years on the crossing of installation and performance in which she puts her body on the line and endangers it. Fire and explosives, glass and earth but also water are the elements she sets to work with during short actions in which time and space seem to coincide. Since 2005 she has shown her performances at international festivals in Europe, Canada, Chile, Australia and Asia.

“A.G.U.A. fait dialoguer la danse, la chimie et la matière. Explosif, littéralement !” Catherine Makereel, Le Soir

Free busses:
* 01/12: Departure at 14h from Valenciennes (Parcours: expo Panorama + A.G.U.A. + HATE + See You Next Time)
* 01/12: Departure at 15u30 from Kortrijk (Parcours: A.G.U.A. + HATE + See You Next Time)

Gwendoline Robin

CONCEPT, REALISATION & CHOREGRAPH Gwendoline Robin / WITH Gwendoline Robin, Louise Vanneste / CHOREGRAPH ASSISTANT & DRAMATURGY Ida De Vos / ARTISTIC ADVISOR & LIGHT CONCEPTOR Simon Siegmann / VOCAL RESEARCH Kadi Abdelmalek / SCIENTIFIC COLLABORATION Hervé Caps / VIDEO Sylvestre Gobart / LIGHT Simon Siegmann / ANTHROPOLOGIST Claudio Mercado / PHOTO CREDIT Jorge de la Torre Castro / PRODUCTION Kunstenfestivaldesarts, S.T. 10-13 in collaboration with Grand Studio / COPRODUCTION FAR° Festival des Arts Vivants, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Le Vivat Scène conventionnée d’Armentières, NEXT vzw, Théâtre de Liège dans le cadre du Festival Impact, La Coop asbl / COLLABORATORS Grand Luxe Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin, Kunstencentrum BUDA, La Bellone – Maison du Spectacle, Université de Liège / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Cocof – Scènes Chorégraphique, Commission Interdisciplinaire Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Shelterprod,, ING & Taxshelter of the Belgian Federal Government, de la Région Hauts-de-France / THANKS TO Théâtre de Liège, l’astronome Yaël Naze and the oceanologist Bruno Delille et Jean-Louis Tison.

Duration: 80 min

Location: Armentières - Le Vivat